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Shamash Foundation

Serving Our Unlimited Light” —Gary Stuart
We are lighting the way through the present darkness of our world while preserving our planetary ecosystems for all living things.


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Who we are

At Shamash Foundation our mission is to improve the natural world, one ecosystem at a time.

Shamash Foundation’s Mission and Gary Stuart’s Legacy is to improve all ecosystems on Earth, Humanity, Oceans, Land & Air plus Safer technology. I want to spread my care & love through generous Donations to worthy causes I believe will make Earth a better place. Life has given me many gifts as I build my Legacy I want to pass on GIFTS to ‘ALL Living Things’. Positive Change with intention can create a better day for all. Earth doesn’t need us, but we need HER! The voiceless need us to care for our impact and consequences from selfish abandon for profit over sustainability for future generations of every species.

The Time to Care is Now!

The world needs humanity to care about our Global impact and consequences to all living things besides ourselves. Nature herself thrives on abundance! Each & every species contain millions of seeds to ensure generational survival.

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Shamash Foundation’s Global Initiative Campaigns

serving the Suffering of Humanity

serving all Lands and Air

serving the implementation of Safe Technology

serving All Aquatic beings of Earth’s Oceans

Why we do what we do

Lighting the way!

Little by little the goals of The Shamash Foundation will ‘LIGHT the Way’ towards supporting other worthy causes in order to make the entire World a better place for ALL LIVING THINGS! The Shamash Foundation’s ultimate goal is to ‘Go 4 Broke’ doing good in the world while I’m alive and thereafter too!

key insights

All Darkness exists to be the catalyst for light 

There’s no such thing as Negativity, only a lack of Positive perception.


Life is predicated on change and adaption to survive.


Life has one simple goal… to move forward.


an unbroken circle

Supporting the eternal circle of life now!

My personal gifts were born of great pain in poverty in the 20th Century.

My good fortune of serendipitous circumstances of the 21st Century allow me to make a positive mark on Mother Earth.

This ancient Sumerian symbol was the Stone relief of the Sun…

In Judaism it became known as ‘God’s HELPER CANDLE’ to light the other 8 Candles of the Menorah during Hannukah. Being a Constellation Facilitator discovering family secrets (my specialty) I had one of my own that my mom was illegitimate and as ‘23 & Me’ proved I was 30% Ashkenazi and not Italian! This is to honor the missing part of my extended family system and give back to the world that allowed me to be present by ‘Divine Appointment.’ LIFE is a GIFT!

My personal legacy is to return my good fortune to the voiceless and those in need of support or habitat to enjoy their natural lives on our magnificent planet Mother Earth.